Power of Ten

Florida State University (FSU) has a well done version of Powers
of Ten
. It's a continuous zooming in of images by powers of ten,
starting with galactic superclusters/walls and ending at the quantum
scale. Credits: www.slashdot.org.

A Scientific View of Intelligence

Recently there was a heated debate about intelligence, due to a Danish researcher claiming that on average women are a little less intelligent than men. Many views on the concept and testing of intelligence were aired, many being prejudiced and uninformed. In 1998 Scientific American wrote a very informative article on the subject.

London Business School PhD Programme Outline

London Business School has an outline of a typical four year PhD programme. It seems to be structured as a gradual process towards doing research worthy for top-ranking journals, such as The Journal of Marketing Research.

European Marketing Conference

The next EMAC conference is taking place in Portugal, late May 2002. Many tracks are present, including Modeling and Forecasting, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior and Pricing.