Financial Institution Adopts Narrative Sign-up Form Based on Innohead Advice

Nykredit, a Danish financial institution, was advised by Innohead to try out another type of sign-up form. Experiments have indicated that so-called narrative sign-up forms may yield higher sign-up rates. One study at, quotes increased sign-up rates in the range 25-50%.

Nykredit's narrative sign-up form is shown below.
The title is "Become a Customer in Nykredit Bank". The text reads "Hi, my name is [name] and I would like to hear more about switching to Nykredit Bank. I live at [address] in [zip code] [town] and can be reached on [phone no] or via [email]".

A smart website owner would create the new style form and then A/B test it against the old style.

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