SpinVox - My Voice Is My Keyboard

Let's test SpinVox, the hyped voice-to-text service.

I set up an account, dialed a US phone number from a cell phone in Denmark. Then I read a random section from the bestselling book "The Reader".

Here is the email sent back from SpinVox:
You've received a new memo:

"I wanted simultaneously to understand Hannah's crime and to condemn it but it was too terrible for that. When I tried to understand it I had the feeling I was failing to condemn it as it must be condemned. When I condemned it it as it must be condemned there was no room for understanding but even as I wanted to understand Hannah failing to understand her meant betraying her all over again. I could not resolve this. I wanted to pose myself both tasks."

- spoken through SpinVox.

Applause to SpinVox, I am impressed. Now we all have to think about how to use this new capability. How about processing call center voice streams, create a text corpus and then text datamine successful encounters versus less successful ones as measured by sale?


I asked my friend Jillian to talk to SpinVox in Spanish. This is the unedited email I got back:
Ha recibido un nuevo memo:

"Hola un saludo como estas. Tengo que dejar este mensaje para Nils porque el me pidio que hablara con el. El tiene algunas preguntas acerca de que si puedo hablar espaƱol o no y ahora podra ver que en realidad puedo hablar el idioma. Un saludo un beso. Un abrazo chao."

- via SpinVox.
Jillian told me that this was a pretty good translation.

Picture credit: robgallop