2050: Median age 53

"According to Bill Frey, a demographer at the University of Michigan, the median age in America in 2050 will be 36.2. In Europe it will be 52.7. That is a stunning difference, accounted for almost entirely by the dramatic ageing of the European population. At the moment, the median age is 35.5 in America and 37.7 in Europe." The Economist 08/24/2002 Half a Billion Americans?. Pondering on the implications, they go on: "There are plenty of other ways in which America could weaken itself economically or politically, but demography will offer a fine basis for future growth, and strength. The United States could well become even more powerful than it is today even if--as is to be hoped--populous developing countries such as India and China also manage to get richer." Same magazine, A Tale of Two Bellies.