The Core Group and the Less-skilled

"Companies increasingly divide their work forces into a core group of permanent, well-paid employees surrounded by less-skilled, lower-wage workers who can be brought in and sent away as demand fluctuates." NY Times. It it easy to imagine how this could polarize society further, effectively starving out the middle class. "The Rise of The Creative Class" argues for a positive interpretation, in that more people will want to work in loosely coupled networks to get variety. That our identity will increasingly be derived from the type of work we do, not the company we work for. As in the middleage. For a vision of the future, read W. Gibsons "Neuromancer". Big companies, weak nations and people living in worlds apart.

Meanwhile, I shall continue my dissertation work of moving aspects of human decision-making into the corporate hieve-techno mind, contributing to the transformation of the economy.