Qutb About the West: Dishes More Important Than Religion

I love my dishwasher. Sayyid Qutb, a radical islamic scholar, think I should care more about my soul. Here is what he concluded after having lived in USA 1948-50, citing Lawrence Wright:
Qutb saw a spiritual wasteland, and yet belief in God was nearly unanimous in the United States at the time. It was easy to be misled by the proliferation of churches, religious books and religious festivals, Qutb maintained; the fact remained that materialism was the real American god. ‘The soul has no value to Americans,’ he wrote to one friend. ‘There has been a Ph.D. dissertation about the best way to clean dishes, which seems more important to them than the Bible or religion.’ Many Americans were beginning to come to similar conclusions. The theme of alienation in American life was just beginning to cast a pall over the postwar party. In many respects, Qutb’s analysis, though harsh, was only premature.
Lawrence Wright, The Looming Tower
(Thank you The Bos'un Locker)

I prefer a society with clean dishes, anytime. There is a number of interesting articles about Qutb and his meeting with Western civilization.
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