Fun in Startup Land

I'm very excited. Innohead has their first few customers onboard with a subscription model and the rest of 2011 looks good, financially speaking.

We have our first hire, genius programmer Lars Bojsen-Møller, onboard too. Lars holds a MSc in Computer Science and Mathematics, played the piano since age 6 and loves Nick Drake, stands 192 cm tall, is pale and prefers to meet in late.

My mom sometimes asks me what the company does: "You do these logarithms, right?" Here is a rundown of the two core activities:

a) Customer Data Warehouse. We gather all the data we can find in a client company and feed it into a specialized warehouse. Call center interactions, website visits, product transactions, survey responses and so on. We use MongoDB as the database engine behind it. Love it.

b) Continuous Analytics. Based on customer data, we predict
  • what leads might become valuable customers, 
  • which customers might be open to buy more and what they might buy, 
  • which customers might be at risk of exiting the company in the near future
These measures can be used to estimate Customer Lifetime Value, the value one can expect to earn over the lifetime of the customer.

Predictions are based on modern statistics and machine learning methods, labeled artificial intelligence in the old days. In many ways, there have been a fruitful convergence between machine learning methods and statistics, in that we are starting to understand how to analyze some of the machine learning algorithms in statistical terms.

Picking from the customers, we have
  • a bank running a lead scoring algorithm
  • a television provider and 
  • a lottery running customer exit scoring models and Customer Lifetime Value measures
  • a financing and major appliances company running a product recommender
In February, we take a look at
  • an insurance company
  • an electricity distributor
  • a transportation company
Innohead just launched a $300 logo design contest for Innohead on 99designs. They create the contest, I pick the winner. I might ask for your help in that respect.

Running a startup company is great fun. Does your boss suck? Do you want more freedom? Can you create real value? Then think about doing a startup.
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