My Young Friend: Send More Money

Denmark, a country with one of the largest public sectors and highest taxes in the world, spend a lot of money on the elderly. Not just the poor elderly, but everybody who is old. Pension for everybody, special tax rebates on property, subsidies for the rent, lots of rebates on practically everything. In danish media old people as a group are routinely portrayed as the most pitiable, underprivileged, sick and abandoned people of all. Left behind by a cruel public administration. Denmark has a special interest organisation called "Ældre Sagen" (The Elder Cause, say) with 460k members out of a population of some 5.2m. They want the country to spend more money on the elderly and politicians are listening.
Consider this: Only 1,4% of the elderly belong to the poorest group of the population. 20% of the singles and 40% of the couples have a net worth of at least $160.000 (using 1 USD=6 DKK). [Weekendavisen #6]. It is time to start prioritizing the resources of society. Robin Hood would have said it: Stop giving to the old rich and give more to the poor, not just the old and poor.