Television Addiction Is Real

"Excessive cravings do not necessarily involve physical substances. Gambling can become compulsive; sex can become obsessive. One activity, however, stands out for its prominence and ubiquity--the world's most popular leisure pastime, television." On average "someone who lives to 75 would spend nine years in front of the tube" and "roughly 10 percent of adults call themselves TV addicts". Scientific American

Throw out your television now. It is waiting for your weak moment. Media corporations spend every minute of the day figuring out how to lure you to the remote and keep you in front of the screen. Your viewing will get out of control eventually and then you will be hooked forever. If your are in the creative class you "favor active, participatory recreation over passive spectator sports" anyway. Television has never done anything good for you. It has never made you smarter, made you make new friends, inspired you or entertained you in a memorable fashion. It has taken your time without consent and numbed your mind.

Join me in Anonymous TV Addicts.